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Ultra RTD, thermocouple and transmitter sales
Formerly Weed Instrument

Industrial Temperature Products

When you need a sensor for temperature measurement – RTD or thermocouple – there’s an easy way to solve your requirement, just contact IRS for Ultra Electronics temperature products.
We are here to work with you, to develop the best solutions for all your temperature sensing needs. For the most cost-efficient, volume-oriented applications or high performance, one-of-a-kind designs, Ultra, offers the engineering and manufacturing resources, product quality, performance and reliability you need.
And when you need more…
Ultra, offers you more catalog models, many of which can be supplied overnight, and more engineering resources for your temperature measurement applications than any other sensor manufacturer. When you need help with a temperature sensor application, no company works harder than Ultra, to give you what you’re looking for.
Find out why Ultra, is the premier global choice of OEM’s and end-users for temperature sensors and transmitters

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Temperature Assemblies
by Ultra

Need a Complete Temperature Measurement Assembly for your Monitoring Application?

Lower your engineering and installation costs by purchasing a ready-to-install complete temperature measurement assembly from Ultra Electronics, Nuclear Sensors & Process Instrumentation (NSPI). Easy to order, a typical assembly might consist of an RTD (or thermocouple), thermowell, connection head and integrally mounted transmitter or terminal block. All of this comes in a Ultra Electronics, NSPI product design to provide an accurate, reliable reading.


by Ultra


Ultra Electronics / Weed Instrument thermowells


These provide protection for the sensor from process conditions such as flow rates, media, environment, etc. Various styles (screwed or flanged connections, tapered or stepped designs, etc.) in a variety of materials (316SS, 304SS, Monel, Hastelloy, etc.) are available to suit your application.

RTD Temperature Sensors

Ultra Electronics / Weed Instrument RTD

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)
Resistance Temperature Detectors are sensors that measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature. Most RTD elements consist of a length of fine coiled wire wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. The element is typically relatively fragile, so it is generally installed inside a sheath to protect it. The RTD element is constructed from a pure material, the resistance of which, at various temperatures, has been documented by various international standards institutes. The material has a predictable change in resistance as the temperature varies; it is this change that is used to determine temperature. RTDs are generally considered to be among the most accurate temperature sensors available.In addition to providing very good accuracy, they feature excellent stability and repeatability. RTDs also provide high immunity to electrical noise and are, therefore, well suited for applications in process and industrial automation environments, especially around motors, generators and other high voltage equipment.
Ultra manufactures an almost infinite variety of RTD sensors and assemblies, and most can be supplied in 48 hours or less. Options include combinations of different element materials, values and accuracies, a choice of element leadwire configurations, and a selection of sheath materials and diameters. Many of our RTD assemblies are supplied in drilled or flanged wells, and all assemblies can be supplied with our economical, head mount or DIN-rail mounted transmitters. If you can’t find a catalog RTD for your application, just contact us – custom versions can often be fabricated in less than a week!
Typical RTD applications include:
Medical research
Textile production
Plastics processing
HVAC and refrigeration
Foodservice processing
Petrochemical processing



Thermocouple Temperature Sensors

Ultra Electronics / Weed Instrument thermocouple

A thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end. When the junction of the two metals is cooled or heated a voltage is produced that can be correlated back to the temperature. Most thermocouple alloys are commonly available as wire.

Thermocouples are manufactured in different combinations of metals and/or calibrations. The calibrations most regularly specified by Ultra Electronics, NSPI customers are J, K, T and E. High temperature calibrations include R, S, C and GB. Each calibration has a different temperature range and environment, although the maximum temperature varies with the diameter of the wire used in the thermocouple.

While the thermocouple calibration defines the temperature range, the maximum range will also be a factor the diameter of the thermocouple wire. Therefore, a very thin thermocouple may not reach the full temperature range.

Since thermocouples measure wide temperature ranges and are relatively rugged, they are very often used demanding industrial automation and process control applications. In selecting a thermocouple, the following criteria are key considerations:

Temperature range
Chemical resistance of the thermocouple or sheath material
Abrasion and vibration resistance
Installation requirements (may need to be compatible with existing equipment;existing holes may determine probe diameter)

We manufacture a broad variety of thermocouple components and assemblies for use in virtually all high temperature, industrial and process temperature measurement applications. Today, Ultra Electronics, NSPI thermocouples are among the most widely used in the world for applications such as forging, smelting and melting, heat treating, incineration and cogeneration, utility and waste boilers and multiple other severe use processes. Many of our assemblies are supplied in either drilled or flanged wells, and all assemblies can be supplied with our economical, head mount or DIN-rail mounted transmitters. If you can’t find a catalog thermocouple for your application, just contact us – custom versions can often be fabricated in less than a week!

Typical T/C Applications:
Test stands
Medical equipment
Aerospace markets
Packaging equipment
Semiconductor processing
Food processing equipment
Heat treating and processing
Engine and turbine exhaust gas
Plastic injection molding machinery

Connection Heads
by Ultra

Ultra Electronics / Weed Instrument connection heads

Connection heads are available in cast iron, epoxy coated aluminum, stainless steel and polypropylene. For hazardous area applications, connection heads which comply with FM, CSA or ATEX standards can be supplied.

Most of the housings meet or exceed NEMA 4 (IP 67) environmental specifications and can be used with virtually any Ultra RTD or thermocouple.

As standard, each connection head is supplied with an integral terminal block to simplify field wiring. Alternatively, one of our economical Temperature Transmitters can be installed and preconfigured prior to shipment to complete your assembly.


Temperature Transmitters
by Ultra

Ultra Electronics / Weed Instrument Temperature Transmitters

Ultra, offers a full selection of economical, head mount and DIN-rail temperature transmitters. Available certifications include FM, CSA, ATEX and Germanischer Lloyd (marine approval).

The Ease and Simplicity of PC Programming

Our PC programmable transmitters offer you extreme flexibility and help to control costs with the ability to stock one device and program it for your needs. Regardless of your choice, Ultra, temperature transmitters can be configured quickly and easily with a PC.

HART Transmitters Add Value to your Process

The combination of a 4-20mA output signal together with digital communication simplifies plant engineering. The advanced diagnostics of Ultra, HART temperature transmitters reduces maintenance trips to the field. Also, your Ultra, HART transmitter can be easily integrated with the exiting field instrumentation in your plant.

Features of Ultra Temperature Transmitters

  • Low cost
  • 0.08% accuracy
  • Full input-output isolation
  • Custom input/linearization capability
  • Configurable via a PC or HART Communicator
  • T/C Inputs: B, C, D, R, S, E, J, K, L, N, T, U
  • RTD inputs: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni500, Ni1000
  • mV Inputs: -10 to 75mV
  • Ohm Inputs: 10 to 2000 ohms
  • Outputs: 2-wire, 4-20mA or 20-4mA with optional HART signal superimposed
  • Immediate shipment available!


HVAC/Energy Management
by Ultra

Ultra Electronics / Weed Instrument HVAC sensors and transmitters

Whatever your HVAC/R application is, the most efficient control solution always starts with the best sensors.  Ultra, HVAC/R temperature sensors have earned a global reputation for providing exceptional reliability, performance and value.
With one of the widest temperature sensor selections available from a single source, and over 35 years experience in the HVAC/R market, you can be sure Ultra, is your right partner for temperature measurement. Ultra sensors are engineered to the highest standards in performance and reliability. They will help improve your facility’s environment while cutting utility expenses and equipment costs
Duct Averaging Sensors with Continuous Sensing Elements up to 50 ft (15m)
Room Air Sensors and Transmitters Featuring Minimal Self-heating Error
Bendable Area Averaging Sensors up to 100 ft (30m) length
Spring Loaded Pipe Clamp Sensors
Fluid Immersion Sensors
Economical Transmitters
Bolt-on Surface Sensors
Outside air sensors



Inventory Tank Gauging Temperature Measurement

Ultra Electronics / Weed Instrument / Beacon Electronics Inventory Tank Gauging Temperature Measurement

Precise temperature measurement is crucial for high accuracy monitoring of product contained in bulk storage tanks. Any fluctuation in temperature between two static measurements will directly result in a deviation of measured volume, causing uncertainty. To compensate for this, high accuracy temperature measurement must be performed to derive standard volumes.
In 1998 Ultra, acquired Beacon Electronics, a leader in the design and manufacture of temperature sensing devices for use primarily in bulk liquid storage applications in the Petroleum, Utility and Chemical industries.
Through continued investment in research and engineering, we have continued to strengthen our position in this market. We now offer the broadest range of temperature measurement instrumentation available for inventory tank gauging, hydrocarbon product bulk storage and thermal energy storage applications.
Our products for these applications include single point temperature sensors, multiple point temperature sensors and averaging temperature sensors, which provide the highest accuracy over the entire height of the tank. A capacitive water bottom probe (water level sensor) is also offered to continuously measure free water level below the oil surface and provide input for on-line net inventory. Transmitters providing either 4-20mA or 4-20mA/HART outputs are available.