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Industrial Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Products

Ultra manufactures a comprehensive line Thermocouple-based temperature sensors. These products include bare elements suitable for incorporation into OEM products, standard probe-type sensors, field cuttable sensors, sanitary assembly sensors, and HVAC sensors. Standard products also feature fast delivery times, 48 hours in most cases. Accessories such as thermowells and explosion-proof heads are also available. 

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General Purpose Thermocouples by Ultra


Designed for a wide range of applications where a simple mounting scheme is required.


Model 101 is a Straight Sheath general purpose temperature sensor
Model 103 is a Reduced Tip/Fast Response temperature sensor.

Refer to Model 201 or 203 if welded fitting is required.
Refer to 300 Series if spring loading is required
       301 - Spring Loaded for Use With Cast Iron Explosion-Proof Housings
       302 - Spring Loaded Sensor w/o Transmitter for General Purpose Housing
       305 Series - Spring Loaded with 1/2" NPT Hex Nipple
       305 Ex-d Series - ATEX-Approved, Flame-Proof Temperature Sensor
       305 Ex-ia Series - ATEX Intrinsically-Safe Temperature Sensor Assembly
       312 Series - Spring Loaded (for use with Type 1 General Purpose Head)



Models 110 and 120
Field Cuttable or Breakable Thermocouples
by Ultra

Designed for applications where a threaded male fitting is required for mounting in tanks, stacks, pressure vessels. Stocking “cuttable” and "hand-breakable" sensors can reduce inventory and down time as the 110 can be easily cut and the 120 can be broken, to the required length in the field and a fitting can be installed in a matter of minutes

Model 110 is designed to be used with optional connector or spring-loaded fitting

Model 120 - Hand-breakable thermocouple



Model 452
Spring Loaded Sanitary Thermocouple
by Ultra

Ultra, has expanded on its already successful model 451. The model 452 is designed to be used in applications where spring loading is desired for fast temperature response when used in a sanitary thermowell.
Model 452 features no exposed threads where bacterial growth or contamination can be a problem. Multiple configurations are possible, including dual sensor versions for back up and comparative measurement, options for protection heads and temperature transmitters locally mounted, and different sanitary cap sizes to match up with different thermowells.
In addition, multiple surface finishes can be specified on the external probe housing.
Model 452 Data Sheet


Model 3142B
Sanitary Flush Mount Tank
by Ultra

Ultra has developed a unique flush mount,
tank temperature sensor for use in sanitary applications. The model 3142B is designed to mount flush to the wall of a tank. It is completely non-intrusive and will not interfere with any wipers or mixers in the tank.

The Model 3142B is a non-intrusive design – ideal for where mixers or wipers would interfere with typical insertion type sensors

Clean-in-place (CIP) / Steam-inplace (SIP) – dual o-ring design for sealing
316L stainless steel construction – Welding spud provided with assembly
Ideal for retrofit to existing tanks
Teflon insulation provides true process temperature measurement, by eliminating potential false reading from tank wall
Removable sensor – allows process to remain sealed during sensor replacement or calibration
Patent pending design
Model 3142B - Data sheet

Model 3226A
Food Piercing
by Ultra

Ultra manufactures temperature sensors designed specifically  for use in meat processing where precise temperature measurement is required during the cooking, smoking and curing of the product.

The model 3226A is of 316L stainless steel sheath construction with piercing tip
 Available in RTD or thermocouple with separate shielding
Extruded Teflon wire insulation – Resists moisture – Increased wire strength
Heavy walled sheath construction –Resists breakage
Crimped transition with strain relief – Resists wire separation
Meets 3A sanitary finish standards


Model 3226A - Data sheet

Flexible Stick-on Surface
by Ultra

The 3304A is a flexible surface mount temperature sensor suitable for temperatures to 500 °F. The self-adhesive sensor pad makes installation simple.

Excellent surface temperature measurement is achieved using this sensor design. The model 3304A is available in both RTD’s or thermocouples to suit your current control system inputs.

The model 3304A is a temperature sensor in a self-adhesive surface pad, for quick & simple installation.
Flexible – conforms to curved surfaces
Available in RTD or thermocouple
Teflon insulated leadwire
Suitable for temperatures to 500 °F
Custom designs available

Model 3304A - Data sheet

by Ultra

     Sensors for the Measurement of Bearing Temperatures by Ultra

Sensors designed for use in the rotating equipment and turbomachinery industries.

Ultra temperature sensors provide an excellent indication of temperature to determine when oil breakdown occurs to prevent extensive damage to machinery.

Ultras rugged designs provide for long life in tough applications. 

General purpose head with terminal block

General purpose head with termin Model 3312A - Data sheet

Model 3332A
Thermocouples for Rotating
Machinery and Turbines
by Ultra

The Model 3332A is available in RTD or thermocouple and is designed for high vibration environments.

Water-proof / resistant design – Increased accuracy – Longer life
0.3” and smaller stainless steel sheath lengths
Multiple sheath diameters available
-50 to 260°C temperature range
Dual sensor designs available
Babbit overprotection options


Model 3332A - Data sheet

     Thermocouples for the Measurement of Bearing Temperatures by Ultra

Sensors designed for use in the rotating equipment and turbomachinery industries.

Ultra temperature sensors provide an excellent indication of temperature to determine when oil breakdown occurs to prevent extensive damage to machinery.

Ultras rugged designs provide for long life in tough applications.

Available in both RTD’s and thermocouples

Copper tipped RTD’s for fast time response and greater tip sensitivity

Spring loaded fittings with 50 PSI rated fluid seals

Available sheath diameters: 0.188”, 0.215” & 0.250

Cuttable design for field sizing

Electrically isolated tip design available

Wide temperature range

Cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel connection heads available

Custom OEM designs

Use an Ultra Electronics Sensor-Mate® temperature transmitter for 4-20mA output
Sensors for Bearing Temperature - Data sheet

Spring Loaded
Bayonet Fitting
by Ultra

Ultra Electronics, offers our bayonet fitting assemblies for applications where quick and easy removal and installation of a sensor is important.

Whether  for calibration purposes or normal replacement, the Ultras bayonet fitting makes the job as simple as 1, 2, 3

1 - Open the head

2 - Unplug sensor from terminal block

3 - Twist bayonet cap to remove sensor

Simply repeat those steps in reverse and you have just installed another spring loaded sensor into your