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  Emerson Process Management, the undisputed sales leader of industrial instrumentation, proudly provides the broadest array of pressure measurement products for pressure, flow and level applications.

Rosemount leverages years of industry knowledge and experience to offer increased plant efficiency and safety at lower installed cost.






Rosemount 3051S Series Pressure Transmitters 

The Rosemount 3051S is the first scalable device that provides a foundation for integrated pressure, flow, and level solutions.  It allows you to customize performance, functionality, diagnostics, and connection systems for your application. No matter what your needs, the 3051S Series enables better measurement practices that result in improved profitability.

There’s no better way to prepare for future migration paths than the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation from
Emerson. So you can go wherever you need to – like new process diagnostics or wireless – without having to start over
each time. From faster start-ups to increased productivity, the 3051S is uniquely designed to cover both short-term needs
and long-term goals.

Technical Documentation

    Complete Product Data Sheet (PDF @4.39Mb)
    Overview (PDF @140Kb)
    Rosemount 3051S Selection Guide (PDF @220Kb)
    Specifications (PDF @190Kb)


Rosemount 3051C Pressure Transmitter

    The Rosemount 3051C Pressure Transmitter established a new standard in pressure measurement technology. This revolutionary transmitter introduced the Coplanar(TM) platform and features the most extensive breadth of offering in the world. Even under the most demanding conditions, the performance specifications provide unmatched long-term stability and reliability second only to the 3051S.

    Model 3051TThe Rosemount 3051T Gage and Absolute Pressure Transmitter combines proven sensor and electronics technologies with a single isolator design for absolute and gage pressure measurements from 0.3 to 10,000 psi. The 3051T provides a superior alternative for measuring absolute or gage pressure with the rugged, reliable performance that is characteristic of Rosemount pressure transmitters.



    • Total Performance of 0.15% represents transmitter performance under real operating conditions and increases loop performance and productivity.

    • Performance over time represents transmitters performance over a period of time under changing conditions
      -Guaranteed stability of 0.125% over a five year period.
      -Reduced calibration frequencies save operations and maintenance costs.

    • Dynamic Performance measures the speed of the transmitter's response to process changes.
      -7 to 10 faster than other smart transmitters
      -Increased control and optimization of the critical loop.
      -Increased plant safety and productivity.

    • Rosemount Complete Point Solutions™ are engineered measurement solutions that combine the best products and installation practices.

    Applications for the Rosemount 3051 Transmitter
    The Rosemount 3051 performance specifications guarantee accuracy and stability under the most demanding conditions. The flexible CoPlanar™ platform design offers the best solutions for your application needs today and provides a seamless pathway to future technologies to meet your needs to tomorrow.  This pathway includes technologies such as PlantWeb™ architecture and Fieldbus.

Technical Documentation

Complete Product Data Sheet (PDF @3.05Mb)
Overview section (PDF @210Kb)
Product Offering section (PDF @230Kb)
Specifications (PDF @240Kb) 
Drawings (PDF @1.95Mb) 
Ordering Information (PDF @250Kb)


Rosemount 2051 Pressure Transmitters

(Includes Rosemount 3095MFC Compact Orifice Mass Flowmeter, Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flowmeter, and Rosemount 405 Compact Orifice Flowmeter)


The Rosemount 2051 family of pressure transmitters empowers you to measure pressure with confidence.  The complete offering includes differential, gage, and absolute pressure measurements to meet your pressure, level, and flow application needs.

The Rosemount 2051 pressure transmitter capabilities are designed to meet a wide range of applications.  Combining 0.075% reference accuracy, 100:1 rangeability and 2-year installed stability provides confidence in your pressure measurements.

The Coplanar™ platform creates a flexible interface for multiple process connections for your pressure, flow, and level applications.   The final 2051 transmitter assembly arrives factory calibrated, pressure-tested, and ready to install.  The flexible design reduces engineering and installed costs.