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Rosemount / Emerson Process Management, the undisputed sales leader of industrial instrumentation, proudly provides the broadest array of measurement products for flow applications.

Rosemount leverages their years of industry knowledge and experience to offer increased
plant efficiency and safety at lower installed cost.




Rosemount 3051SFA ProBar® Flowmeter 

Model 3051SFA ProBar FlowmeterIncorporating the exceptional performance of the Rosemount 485 Annubar® primary element with the Rosemount 3051S pressure transmitter produces a reliable measuring device - the Rosemount 3051SFA ProBar® Flowmeter.  The flowmeter is a cost-effective device that performs extraordinarily well in a variety of applications.

  • Installation Flexibility: Direct-mount with "at-grade" access and interface

  • Advanced Software and Functionality: Foundation Fieldbus protocol, user configured flow units, low flow cut-off, and process alerts for pressure and temperature are all available

  • Reduced Total Installed Cost: Ordered from a single vendor, the flowmeter arrives pre-assembled, calibrated, and ready to install

  • 12 Year Warranty: Unprecedented reliability backed by a warranty covering the entire flowmeter assemly

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: 10 year 'set and forget' electronics combined with the Annubar sensor's plug and wear resistant design improves reliability and long-term stability

Applications for the Rosemount 3051SFA ProBar Flowmeter 
Ideal for accurate and reliable measurements in a variety of industries, including: 

Oil and Gas Production
Pulp and Paper
Natural Gas

Technical Documentation

    The Annubar® Flowmeter Series, Rev BA (contains Rosemount 485 Annubar Primary, Rosemount 3051SFA ProBar, Rosemount 3095MFA Mass Probar) PDF@3575kb 
    Annubar Flowmeter Series Product Manual (PDF@7380KB)
    Configuration Data Sheet (PDF @150Kb)
    Averaging Pitot Tube Product Specification Sheet (PDF@130KB)
    Quick Installation Guides (each PDF file apx. 590kb) 
    Pak-Lok Annubar   
    Flanged Annubar   
    Flange-Lok Annubar   
    Flanged Flo-Tap   
    Threaded Flo-Tap   



Rosemount 405 Compact Orifice Flowmeter Series

(Includes Rosemount 3095MFC Compact Orifice Mass Flowmeter, Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flowmeter, and Rosemount 405 Compact Orifice Flowmeter)

The Rosemount 405 Compact Orifice Flowmeter Series is designed for closed loop control and general purpose monitoring applications. This design lowers the total installed cost of DP Flow measurement points eliminating the need for fittings, impulse tubing, valves, adapters and manifolds by providing a single device packaged together for simplified installation. By integrating Rosemount pressure transmitters with the 405 Compact Orifice primary element, we deliver the highest performing Flowmeters which arrive assembled, calibrated, pressure tested, and ready to install.

The 405 Compact Orifice is available in two orifice styles: Conditioning and Standard. The 405C Conditioning Compact Orifice is ideal for applications with limited pipe run.  Only requiring 2 pipe diameters from an upstream disturbance (double elbows, valves, reducers), the 405C Conditioning Compact Orifice delivers + 0.5% accuracy.

Savings in excess of 50% can be realized when compared to a traditional orifice plate installation.

  • Reduced straight pipe run
  • Less expensive than an orifice plate installation
  • Accurate and repeatable
  • Centering mechanism
  • Based on ASME / ISO corner tap design

In addition to the 405C Conditioning Compact Orifice, an orifice plate offering is available with the 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate technology and provides the same accuracy and performance you achieve with the Compact design.

Technical Documentation

    Product Data Sheet (PDF @ 260 kb)
    Manual (PDF @ 1.6 Mb)
    405 Compact Orifice Series and 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate Flow Test Data Book and Flow Handbook (PDF @ 2200 Kb)
    Wet Gas Flow Measurement with Conditioning Orifice Meter Flow Test Data Book and Flow Handbook (PDF @ 900 Kb)




Rosemount ProPlate Flowmeter 

The ProPlate Flowmeter provides a complete flow measurement solution by incorporating the Rosemount 1195 Integral Orifice with an integral manifold and the Rosemount 3051 CD differential pressure transmitter. It is highly effective in liquid flows and provides a cost-effective solution for uncompensated gas and steam flows.

  • Reliability is improved by eliminating impulse lines, reducing the possibility of plugging or freezing. 

  • Accuracy is refined with available honed pipe sections, which provide tighter pipe ID tolerances and reduced wall roughness. 

  • The special flange body and bolting design ensures the ProPlate flowmeter is centered in the pipe. This unique design practically eliminates the potential for misalignment errors, which are common when traditional orifice plate technology is applied to small line sizes.

    Product Data Sheet (PDF @4.6Mb)


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