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Automation, Analytical and Instrumentation Products

Foxboro offers process automation and information solutions that meet the needs of virtually any enterprise in the process industries, from stand-alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality, to complex integrated enterprises that control critical or hazardous operations.
To compliment the automation systems, Foxboro also provides advanced, accurate and reliable instruments to measure or analyze temperature, pressure, flow, and electromechanical variables. From transmitters and sensors, to positioners, recorders and controllers, these devices close the loop and provide new capabilities in process control.

Pressure Transmitters

Foxboro Absolute and
Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Specifications by Output Type

IAP10 - IAP20 - IGP10 - IGP20 (Analog with 4 to 20mA output)
IAP10 - IAP20 - IGP10 - IGP20  HART  (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
IAP10 - IAP20 - IGP10 - IGP20  FoxCom  (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
IAP10 - IAP20 - IGP10 - IGP20  FOUNDATION Fieldbus  (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
IAP10 - IAP20 - IGP10 - IGP20  Low Power - Voltage Output



Foxboro High Performance
Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Specifications by Performance Range and Output

  • IGP25 - Multirange - 4 to 20 mA Output
    (with HART, FoxCom or FOUNDATION Fieldbus)
  • IGP50 - Premium Performance - 4 to 20 mA Output
    (with HART, FoxCom or FOUNDATION Fieldbus)
  • IGP60 - Enterprise Control System Series - 4 to 20 mA Output with HART
  • High Gauge Pressure Transmitters
  • Multirange Transmitters with Integral Sanitary Process Connections


Foxboro Differential Pressure Transmitters

Specifications by Performance Range and Output

  • IDP10-A - Standard Range - (Analog with 4 to 20mA output)
  • IDP10-T - Standard Range - HART (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
  • IDP10-D - Standard Range - FoxCom - (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
  • IDP10-F - Standard Range - FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • IDP10-V - Low Power - Voltage Output
  • IDP15 - Enterprise Control System Series - HART
    (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
  • IDP25 - Multirange - HART or FoxCom (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
    or FOUNDATION Fieldbus (Digital)
  • IDP31 - IDP32 - Enterprise Control System Series - HART
    (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
  • IDP50 - Premium Performance - HART (Digital with 4 to 20mA output)
    or FOUNDATION Fieldbus (Digital)


Foxboro Process Pressure Seals

Foxboro Remote and Integral Mounted Pressure Seals


Temperature Transmitters

Foxboro Temperature Transmitters and Sensors

Foxboro offers a complete line of temperature transmitters, sensors, thermowells and connection heads to meet all of your requirements.
Foxboro temperature transmitters combine microprocessor based technology with advanced packaging. Results: high reliability, maximum flexibility, and exceptional intelligence. One unit configurable for all T/C, RTD, mV and ohm Inputs.
  • RTT15 - 4 to 20 mA + HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus or  Profibus
  • RTT20 - 4 to 20 mA with optional HART or FoxCom
  • RTT25 Transmitter with FOUNDATION Fieldbus


Foxboro T-Series Thermowells

Foxboro Thermowell Data Sheet


Flow Sensors and Transmitters
With a 100-year tradition of excellence and innovation in flow measurement, the Foxboro brand of magnetic, vortex and Coriolis technologies offer a complete breadth of accurate, reliable and worry-free flowmeter solutions.

Foxboro Electro-Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flowmeters are designed to fit a wide range of applications, including water, slurries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, in a wide range of industries. Foxboro magnetic meters are a reliable flow measurement solution with a lower cost of ownership and maintenance, with field-proven stability to maximize the availability of flow measurement.
  • E96 Magnetic Flow Transmitter
  • IMT25 Intelligent Magnetic Flow Transmitters with FoxCom or HART 
  • IMT25 Intelligent Magnetic Flow Transmitters with FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • IMT25L-Analog or Digital Transmitter
  • IMTSIM Simulator
  • IMT96 - MagEXPERT Intelligent Magnetic Flow Transmitter
  • Model 47 and Model 48 Sanitary Magnetic Flow Transmitters
  • 9100A Series Magnetic Flowtubes with Neoprene or EPDM Liners 1 to 78 in (25 to 2000 mm)
  • 9200A Series Magnetic Flowtubes with Neoprene, EPDM, Linatex, Ebonite or PTFE Liners 8 to 48 in (200 to 1200 mm)


Foxboro Vortex Flow Meters

Foxboro vortex flowmeters are the highest-performing flowmeters on the market. These instruments are designed to be flexible and reliable in harsh process environments. Models 83 and 84 are available in sizes ¾” to 12” flanged; ¾” to 8” wafer; and 2” and 3” sanitary.
No other vortex flowmeter measures up for accuracy in liquid, gas and steam for temperatures up to 800ºF (430ºC).
Patented flexibility tuning improves accuracy under every operating condition. Additional benefits include real-time Reynolds number correction; correction for piping effects; adaptive filtering for noise rejection at varying flow rates; automatic low-flow cut in; tunable for specific operating conditions; and K-factory-corrected for temperature. They also have DirectSense™ technology: Performance and reliability backed with a lifetime sensor warranty. 
  • Model 83 series Analog Flanged or Wafer Body Vortex Flowmeters with 4 to 20 mA Analog and Pulse Output
  • Model 83 series Intelligent Flanged or Wafer Body Vortex Flowmeters with HART of FoxCom
  • Model 83 series Intelligent Flanged or Wafer Body Vortex Flowmeters with FOUNDATION fieldbus
  • Intelligent Sanitary Vortex Flowmeters


Foxboro Coriolis Flow Meters

Foxboro Coriolis flow transmitters handle measurements that cause other Coriolis meters to fail. They overcome problems associated with entrained gases, empty tube conditions or flash-prone fluids and fully realize the promise of Coriolis measurement to achieve high accuracy, eliminate downtime, avoid workarounds and keep profits flowing.
CFT50: The first Coriolis transmitter to offer two-phase performance.
CFS10: Single-path flow system available in sizes 1/8” to 2”
CFS20: Dual-path system available to 3”
Custody Transfer Indicators and printers to complete an NTEP certified custody transfer system. 
  • Highly accurate mass, density and temperature measurement
    Unprecedented, precise liquid/gas flow measurement without skips or stalls
    Fast startup — up to 10 times faster than conventional Coriolis meters
    Highly accurate batches, starting from empty tube
    Patented digital flowtube drive technology
    Dual and multiphase flow capability
    Start and finish batch from and to empty
    16 millisecond true response time
    NTEP Certified (weights and measures) for custody transfer
    HART and Modbus RTU protocols
    AC or DC power capability
    IP66/ Nema 4X
    Explosion– proof with IS connectivity between flowtube and transmitter
    Stainless steel and Hastelloy C (some sizes) construction
  • Models CFS10 and CFS20 Mass Flowtubes for Standard and 3A Sanitary Applications - 1/8 inch to 3 inch
  • Model CFT50 Digital Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Transmitter with HART

Controllers & Recorders

Foxboro Electronic Process Controllers 

Foxboro controllers are available in a variety of choices. From space-saving controllers to digital circular-chart recording controllers that control up to two variables, we offer the option that best meets your process requirements.
Our process controller products have earned a reputation for accuracy, reliability and solid innovation. EXACT self-tuning employs the principles of artificial intelligence to adapt tuning parameters for optimum disturbance response. 
  • 762 - Single station Micro Controller
  • 731C - Digital Process Controller 1/4 DIN
  • 743C - Field Station MICRO Controller
  • 743CB - Field Station MICRO Dual Loop Controller
  • 740C - Circular Chart Recording Controller
  • T630C - Advanced Process Controller 72mm × 144mm
  • 716C Temperature Controller 1/16 DIN
  • 718TC Temperature Process Controller 1/8 DIN
  • 718PR Process Controller w/ Remote and Local Setpoint 1/8 DIN 

Foxboro Electronic Process Chart Recorders

  • 763RNA - Strip Chart Recorder Panel Mount
  • 763RSA - Strip Chart Recorder Shelf Mounted
  • 763MNA - Multi Point Recorder - Panel Mount
  • 752RNA - Strip Chart Recorder Panel Mount
  • 740R - Circular Chart recorder
  • E27R - Indicating Recorder

     Foxboro Pneumatic Process Controllers,      Chart Recorders and Controlling Recorders

  • 40M Recorder, Indicator and Controller - Metal case
  • 40P Recorder, Indicator and Controller -Fiber Reinforced Case
  • 43AP Indicating Controller

 Analytical Equipment

     Foxboro pH / ORP Instruments

pH / ORP Sensors
  • DolpHin Series pH and ORP Sensors
  • 871A pH/ORP Sensor