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Elster AMCO Water is part of Elster, the world’s largest metering and smart metering system solution company.  Elster AMCO Water is an industry leader in the development and implementation of innovative metering and system solutions and is committed to delivering superior customer service, quality products, solutions and services to the water utility industry.
Elster AMCO offers industrial rugged, highly accurate metering products and systems designed to satisfy requirements for a broad range of utility,  submetering and industrial applications.  
With a  system approach, Elster AMCO offers utilities integrated solutions combining the metering technology with cost effective reading solutions, such as electronic on-site, walk by, drive-by and fixed network radio reading.
Elster AMCO's  industrial products provide a complete line of high-accuracy metering options for cold and hot water, chemical and oil flow measurement.   Single jet or turbine products for water applications offer a temperature range up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Oil meters are available in flow ranges from .25 gph up to 5300 gph.



Residential Water and Gas Meters

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C700 Oscillating Piston Meter

AMCO's C700 oscillating piston type water meters are the most  advanced design positive displacement meters available. Boasting dependability and engineering excellence, the C700 line carries the industry's longest and broadest product warranty, assuring water utilities unparalleled performance and the highest revenue. The complete family of top-performing C700 meters, sizes 5/8" to 2", can be offered with a variety of registers and material configurations, including a choice of waterworks or NSF-61 certified low-lead bronze main cases.
C700 5/8" Specifications - Download (pdf) 1,10 MB
C700 3/4" Specifications (pdf) 1,10 MB
C700 1" Specifications (pdf) 1,10 MB
C700 1-1/2" and 2" Specifications (pdf) 1,10 MB
C700 Polymer Specifications (pdf) 93 Kb
Digital register for C700 Specifications (pdf) 742 KB



C700  Polymer Body

The C700  volumetric piston-type meters offer high-accuracy, long life measurement in utility, industrial or submetering services. Available in sizes 5/8” x ½” through ¾” x 1”, the polymer C700 is NSF-61 lead-free certified.Extending the applications of the polymer case C700 meter are its availability with absolute encoder and digital registers for utility AMR, with the InsideR™ register for submetering RF systems, and Type B and SF pulsers for industrial applications. 

C700 Polymer Specifications (pdf) 93 Kb
Digital register for C700 Specifications (pdf) 742 KB



C700 Meter with InsideR Transmitter

AMCO Water Metering offers the only truly wireless system for multi-unit submetering, the InsideR System. The System incorporates a field-proven FCC Certified transmitter into the sealed register of the C700 Positive Displacement Meter, eliminating the need for any wiring between meter and transmitter.
The InsideR system frequency hopping spread spectrum transmitter operates in the 902-928 MHz frequency range, with no license required.




For submetering gas service on multi-unit properties, AMCO offers the G4 gas meter. This meter's small size and lightweight design is ideally suited for submetering applications.

The G4 is a 200 cubic foot per hour, non-temperature compensated gas meter with cyclometer register. The meter's efficient design produces high accuracy and reliable, even at pilot light flow rates, and boasts a low pressure drop throughout the entire usage range.




RF Systems offer the lowest meter reading cost available while improving reading accuracy by eliminating human data entry error. Radio Systems eliminate the need for meter access, which equates to improved efficiency and reduced employee exposure to hazardous reading environments.
AMCO offers both Walk-by and Drive-by mobile RF Systems.




Fixed Network RF Systems offer the lowest meter reading cost available while improving reading accuracy by eliminating human data entry error. Fixed Network RF eliminates meter access, improving efficiency and reducing risk to employees.
For Fixed Network RF reading AMCO Water offers transmitter versions for inside or pit-set meters.




Electronic On-site Reading significantly reduces reading cost compared to manual reading and data entry systems while eliminating keypad and recording errors. Either pit or inside-set meters can be read from a conveniently mounted reading pad for faster reading and reduced site danger for meter readers.




The AMCO absolute encoder interfaces to electronic and Automatic Meter Reading systems to reduce meter reading and customer service costs. Encoder reading increases efficiency by reducing reading time and eliminating human error. Encoder reading significantly improves meter reader safety by eliminating the need to enter residences or hazardous confined spaces to take readings.



Bulk and Industrial Water Meters


Cold Water Meters




C3000 Compound Meter

Where service flow variations extend from very high to very low, the C3000 Compound meter offers unparalleled accuracy throughout the entire flow range. Combining high accuracy T3000 Turbine meter measurement (high flow) with a C700 volumetric piston type meter (low flow) in one assembly, and a high performance valve that directs flow to the appropriate chamber, the C3000 exceeds the performance required in AWWA Standard C-702, maximizing accuracy and minimizing repair frequency and cost. Available in sizes from 2" to 8".
C3000 2" Specifications (pdf) 80 KB
C3000 3" Specifications (pdf) 602 KB
C3000 4" Specifications (pdf) 568 KB
C3000 6" Specifications (pdf) 278 KB
C3000 8" Specifications (pdf) 403 KB



H3200 Fire Hydrant Meter

The H3200 Hydrant Meter is designed for temporary water service from a fire hydrant or for temporary metering of well pumping, irrigation, construction, testing or similar non-permanent applications. The 3'' H3200 is a high-accuracy AWWA Class II Turbine, with lightweight aluminium case. This meter has internal 2½'' American Standard Taper Pipe Thread end connections. Bronze National Standard Fire Hose Couplings are supplied. The inlet coupling has 2½'' NST female threads; the outlet 2½'' NST male threads.



H4000 Bi-Directional Turbine Meter


The AMCO H4000, sizes 1½'' through 12'', is an inferential cold-water meter with a rotor that measures accurately in either direction, driving the rotor in direct proportion to the velocity of the water passing through the meter. The H4000 is recommended for industrial monitory of high flows of cold water (less than 120° F) for direct read, remote totalization, and batching and continuous processes for rate of flow and bi-directional flows.
H4000 Specifications (pdf) 195 KB



R1000 Propeller Meter

The R1000, sizes 2'' to 10'', is designed for measurement of high flows of cold water, in-plant applications for dirty water, standard agriculture, river and lake pumping applications as well as normal irrigation applications for water resource management.

R1000 Specifications (pdf) 329 KB



S2000 Commercial Single Jet Meters

The S2000 fills the performance gap of traditional utility products, for broad flow range and higher pressure applications. The S2000 offers high accuracy over a broad flow range (500:1) for services up to 232 psi. The S2000 provides accuracy ±2% in the normal operating range and 95% to 102% for low flows.

G4 gas meter Specifications (pdf) 275 KB



T3000 AWWA Class II Turbine Meter

The T3000 Class II Turbine cold water meters exceed AWWA Standard C-701. The T3000 family of top-performing Turbine Meters includes waterworks and low-lead bronze case sizes 1 ½” to 12”. Low-lead bronze sizes 1 ½” to 8”are NSF-61 Certified. These meters can be fitted with a variety of registers and pulse outputs appropriate to applications for direct read, batch control and rate of flow into plant maintenance and process control.


T4000 / TS4000
Family of Top-Perfoming AWWA Class II Turbine Meters

  • The turbine's throated inlet increases low flow sensitivity, assuring maximum revenue with low pressure loss

  • The debris damage typical of high volume installations is minimized by a design that incorporates space to allow passage of many suspended solids.

  • Selection of high quality materials extends service life


AMCO T4000/TS4000 turbine meters are engineered for performance:

The family of top-perfoming AWWA Class II turbine meters includes bronze-case sizes 1 1/2" to 8" T4000, 1 1/2" to 6" TS4000 meters, epoxy-coated, cast iron-case 10" and 12" T4000 meters and the lightweight aluminum case 3" fire hydrant meter for temporary water services.

Where service flow variations extend from very high to very low, C3000 compound meters offer a revenue assuring choice.  Modular construction, long-life designs for both turbine (high flow) and positive displacement (low flow) measurement, and a high performance valve that directs flow to the appropriate chamber, to maximize accuracy and minimize repair frequency and cost.

T4000 1 1/2" to 12" Specifications (pdf) 1,08 MB
TS4000 1 1/2" to 6" Specifications (pdf) 684 KB
Industrial pulsers for T3000 Specifications (pdf) 201 KB
Digital register for T4000 Specifications (pdf) 508 KB


V100 Cold Water Positive Displacement Meter

AMCO V100 meters can also be ordered with pulse output. The V100 is a compact, lightweight positive displacement meter of a piston design in sizes ½”x ½” in polymer and ½”x ½”to 5/8”x ¾”. Meters are low cost and operate ± 1 ½%. V100 is for services up to 120º F and 150 psi. The V100 is appropriate for applications with water conditioning and purification.

V100 Specifications (pdf) 186 KB



The Elster AMCO evoQ4

  • Advanced measurement and flow technology
  • 0.5 second sampling rate
  • IP68 rated fully submersible
  • Lightweight, solid state design
  • No moving parts and 10 year battery life eliminate the need for maintenance
  • Compatible with evolution™ and other industry leading AMR/AMI devices
  • Optional bi-directional pulse output - allows utilities to connect to crtical water management billing systems making it an ideal revenue meter and powerful distribution management tool


The evoQ4 is the latest addition to the evolution line of highly innovative, solution-driven products.  A pioneering advance in commercial water metering technology, the evoQ4 delivers unparalleled performance and functionality that meets the demands of four commercial meters - compounds, turbines, single jets and mag meters.


Accurate, versatile and embedded with sophisticated meaurement and advanced flow technology, the evoQ4 mag meter delivers high accuracy through a wide range of flows and varied conditions and applications.

evoQ4 Specifications (pdf) 448 KB
evoQ4 Remote Display Specifications (pdf) 177 KB


AquaMaster Electronic Water Meter

The AquaMaster delivers high accuracy, high volume water flow measurement in a wide ranges of sizes from 5/8 inch up to 24 inches.  Designed to maximize revenue collection by offering reduced maintenance (no moving parts), low cost and foolproof installation.  Available in line or battery powered models to  satisfy site requirements.

AquaMaster Specifications (pdf) 1,83 MB
AquaMaster S Specifications (pdf) 824 KB




The MagMaster is an electromagnetic water meter operating on Faraday’s principle of induction. MagMaster covers the full flow range of most mechanical meters with a high accuracy. MagMaster is available in sizes 2” to 12” with industry standard 4-20 mA output of rate of flow data.
MagMaster Specifications (pdf) 887 KB



AquaMaster FSM (Fire Service)

The FM-Approved AquaMaster FSM (AM-FSM) assembly provides high accuracy, long-life meter performance for services that provide both domestic and fire service flows. Compared to AWWA C-703 meters, AM-FSM offers higher accuracy in the normal flow range, a significantly broader flow range and no crossover accuracy loss. The AM-FSM is sized to replace all mechanical-design fire service meters.
AquaMaster FSM Specifications (pdf) 307 KB



Hot Water Meters




S130 Hot Water Single Jet Meter


The ¾" S130 single-jet hot-water meter (up to 195° F and 150 psi) offers high accuracy (±2%) throughout the normal flow range, exceeding AWWA positive displacement and multi-jet meter specifications, and low flow accuracy ±5%. The normal operating range of the S130 is 1 to 22 gpm.
The S130 is available with pulse output for connection to submetering automatic meter reading systems or industrial totalizing/control equipment.

S130 Specifications (pdf) 334 KB



M150 Hot Water Meters (195° F)

The M150, sizes 1'' and 1½'', is a multi-jet inferential impeller meter with NPT inlet and outlet. The M150 is designed for batch or continuous process monitoring of hot water up to 195° F and services up to 150 psi.

M150 meters can be equipped to provide dry contact reed switch output of 1 contact per gallon

M150 Specifications (pdf) 447 KB



M190 Hot Water Meter (266° F, 230 PSI)

The M190 hot water meter, sizes 1'' and 1½'', is a multi-jet inferential meter designed for batch or continuous process monitoring of hot water up to 266° F in services up to 230 psi.

A pulse unit is integral to the meter and consists of the pulse element (a 4-watt rated reed switch) and clear lens housing with meter securing ring and 9-10 feet of 2-wire unshielded cable exiting from a sealed fitting.

M190 Specifications (pdf) 286 KB



H4300 Hot Water Turbine Meter

The AMCO H4300 is a Woltman-design horizontal impeller meter, with only two moving parts, the impeller and magnet. The H4300, in sizes 2" h to 6", is a high accuracy turbine meter, operating with low flow accuracy ±3% and accuracy ±1% up to peak flow. The H4300 <r> is recommended for measurement up to 250° F and pressure up to 230 psi. Either a reed switch element or opto-electronic pulse transmitter can be selected for the H4300.
H4300 Specifications (pdf) 344 KB



H4400 Hot Water Turbine Meter

Model H4400 can be installed in services where water temperature can reach 350° F and pressures are up to 195 psi (250° F at pressures up to 230 psi). Available in sizes 2'', 3'' and 4'', model H4400 offers improved low flow performance (± br externally powered pulser models are available for the H4400, a reed switch pulser for output of 1 contact per 10 or 100 gallons, and an inductive (Namur) pulser for higher resolution (3.785 contacts per 1 gallon).
H4400 Specifications (pdf) 713 KB



Oil Meters






Positive displacement AMCO 4 (1/8'') and AMCO 8 (1/4'') oil meters are designed for high accuracy measurement (±1%) of light heating oil consumption in burners for heating units and industrial furnaces, fuel consumption in land or sea-based diesel and gasoline engines including emergency generators, as well as industrial batch or rate of flow applications for process control.

Elster 4, Elster 8 Specifications (pdf) 310 KB




The AMCO line of high precision oscillating piston oil meters covers a range of 2.6 to 800 gph at accuracy of ±1%. Meters are designed for monitoring flows of oil (#2 through #6 on ¾'' or larger sizes, #2 to #4 for ½'' size) for batch or continuous process, e.g. burners, additives, land- based and sea-based diesel engines, and furnace fuel consumption.

Elster 15, 20 and 25 (1/2", 3/4" and 1") Specs (pdf) 290 KB
Elster 40 and 50 (1 1/2" and 2") Specifications (pdf) 164 KB



Industrial Chemical Meters





316 Stainless Steel Turbine meters, in sizes ½'' to 2'' for flows from 0.5 gpm to 1500 gpm, address a wide range of industrial and commercial fluid measuring applications. Meters can operate in high pressure (up to 1500 psi) applications.
Meters can be equipped with accessories for use with remote counters, batch controllers, rate transmitters, direct to chart recorders or computers.

Turbine meter 1/2", 3/4" and 1" Specifications (pdf) 217 KB
Turbine meter 1 1/2" to 2" (pdf) 136 KB

Precision turbine meter - sanitary clamp style Specs (pdf) 60 KB
Precision turbine meter - NPT male ends Specs (pdf) 83 KB
Precision turbine meter - ANSI flanged ends Specs (pdf) 56 KB




PVDF Turbine, sizes ½'' and 1'' is designed for those applications where a more rugged meter is required. This unit retains all of the capabilities of the AMCO 316 SS Turbine Meter, plus the PVDF (Kynar) material and ceramic shaft allow use with approximately 100 more chemicals than stainless steel.
The unit is Factory Mutual (FM) approved and carries a Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-G Approval for hazardous environments.

Turbine meter 1/2" and 1" PVDF (Kynar) Specs (pdf) 59 KB




AMCO's 316 stainless steel Positive Displacement meter, in sizes ½'' through 2'', is available with a choice of material combinations for compatibility with a wide range of industrial fluids. These meters may be equipped with either a reed switch or inductive pulser for output to remote totalization or control equipment.



Industrial Electronics





The industrial Electronic Register is an LCD display that has been installed in a watertight, aluminum housing easily adapted for installation on AMCO C700, T3000 and H4000 cold-water meters. The ER is designed to replace mechanical registers with LCD displays of rate indication and totalization in the basic unit.




The Industrial EBC2C is an AC-powered totalizer, rate indicator and batch controller. It has both single relay output to a standard solenoid and dual relay output for use with dual valve batch control systems, dual stage solenoids, or bi-directional solenoids with auxiliary limit switches.




The model is an economical up-counting totalizer and 1/Tau rate meter, compatible with AMCO C700 and T3000 meters




Designed to operate with any AMCO meter with a pulser, the R420 provides rate indication, totalization and 4-20 mA DC analog output signal proportional to the flow rate.








The AMCO absolute encoder interfaces to electronic and Automatic Meter Reading systems to reduce meter reading and customer service costs. Encoder reading increases efficiency by reducing reading time and eliminating human error. Encoder reading significantly improves meter reader safety by eliminating the need to enter residences or hazardous confined spaces to take readings.




The Generator Remote Meter Reading System is designed to permit visual remote reading of metered water usage. The System consists of a C700 positive displacement piston type equipped with a pulse-type generator register and remote wall unit. The Generator Remote System is available for the complete family of top performing C700 meters, sizes 5/8" to 2, with either waterworks or NSF-61 certified low-lead bronze main cases.




Vertical Z-plate design strainers are recommended to protect AMCO T3000 and C3000 cold-water meters from the damaging effects of debris and foreign material. The strainer improves the velocity profile of the water being metered and minimizes the effects of velocity distortion caused by upstream valves and fittings. Strainers are for use in potable cold water up to 120° F and working pressure up to 150 psi and should be installed immediately upstream from the meter.

Meter strainers Specifications (pdf) 177 KB




Fabricated spool pieces with or without a test outlet are available in 3'' to 12'' lengths to serve as spacers when exact laying lengths are needed, as downstream test outlets for turbine and compound meters and for downstream flushing. Spool pieces simplify replacement of old compound and turbine meters. Spool pieces can be equipped with our without a test outlet. The outlet provides increased test flow flexibility compared to the usual single test outlet.

Spool pieces data (pdf) 448 KB